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There are a lot of outdoor activities in Zagori, some of them quite challenging. However all of them are extremely entertaining and adventurous. For this reason, Villa Paroraia in cooperation with Trekking Hellas of Epirus recommends a great variety of activities for all ages. Enjoy your stay at the most in the charming Zagori. 

River Trekking
River trekking is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity which involves sliding on wet surfaces, climbing down and often swimming along the river. It takes place mainly on small canyons with water or parts of a river. Canyoning is a form of trekking in rivers, canyons or waterfalls but on their dry parts. None of the above requires technical experience, only good spirit and adventurous disposition.

Rafting in Voidomatis
If water excites you then there is no better activity for you than rafting and hot-dog in some of Greece’s most beautiful rivers. With the help of your instructors you can choose a route that suite you best in order to enjoy your day in maximum! Rafting and hot-dog rides begin in Aristi’s bridge and end in Kleidonia Bridge in the region of beautiful Konitsa.The rich green scenery around the river captivates the eye whereas the crystal clear waters of the river are ideal for swim. Children from 8 years old can participate when accompanied by their parents.

Mountain Bike
It is no secret, we love mountain biking! You can’t blame us for wanting to try new trails in Greece’s most beautiful places. When we come across something so good, we just have to share it. With a selection of mountain bike trips so diverse, you can be sure there’s one you’ll love too.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing either in a natural environment or in an artificial rock wall is a thrilling and fun activity for all the family! Participants will be introduced to the basics of rock climbing, learn how to secure themselves with the help of their instructors, safety rules and most importantly have fun climbing from point A to point B! Join us in one of our two rock climbing locations by the river and enjoy a truly fun experience.

Nestled on an altitude of 2200 m, Dragonlake is one of the most impressive attractions of the area. Several stories and legends in combination with the breathtaking landscape make this hike an unforgettable experience.

Vikos Gorge
Vikos Gorge is one of Greece’s most famous gorges. Beautiful footpaths that link stone villages tucked into folds of mountains, a cool breeze that drifts through the shades of the trees in the gorge, the rare flora and fauna found in its body indicate Vikos gorge as a must-see hike.

Stone Bridges of Zagori
Zagori, the “place behind the mountains”, is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, unique architecture and long history. The old stone- made bridges of the area; the picturesque villages around them and the sense of pure Greek tradition really impress the visitor.

We begin our tour from Vitsa village, located at the cliff of Vikos Gorge, a gem of the local architecture. The path continues down to the gorge and by the river bed. We will see Misiou Bridge, Kokkoros Bridge, the infamous three-arched bridge in Kipi and Lazaridis Bridge that connects the villages of Koukouli and Kipi. We end our tour in Kipi where we have the opportunity to visit the old watermill.

Vradeto Stairs
The famous Vradeto Stairs at the edge of Vikos Gorge is an architecture masterpiece, unique example of the traditional technique of local craftsmen. A beautiful hike, ideal for the whole family! We meet in Vradeto village, located at 1.370m and we begin our hike towards Beloi viewpoint which offers a panoramic view of Vikos Gorge. We return to Vradeto and start descending the Vradeto Stairs. We finish the hike in Kapesovo, one of the most tranquil and picturesque villages of the area.

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