Synonymous with tranquility, harmony and beauty

The faschinating area of Zagori is located in Ioannina regional unit and consists of 46 scattered villages at the foot of Pindus mountain. It covers an area of 1,000 squared kilometers and divided into three geographical sections, the West, East and Central Zagori, rich in natural beauty and historical importance. 

The name Zagori comes from the Slavic intention Za which means “back” and the noun “gora” meaning “mountain”. According to historical data in antiquity the area was known as “Paroraia”, i.e. the area that was hidden behind the mountains. Hidden between Smolikas, Mitsikeli and the mountain range of Tymfi, one can discover the quaintness and charm of nature that attract tourists throughout the year.

The stone houses, cobbled streets, arched bridges, the imperious plane trees, stone fountains, historical churches, the deep Vikos Gorge, the cool waters of Voidomatis are few of the countless gifts of a unique destination that can impress even the most demanding visitor. Zagori is synonymous with tranquility, harmony and beauty. It stimulates your curiosity to explore it, to live the unending magic, to feel awe and pride for this rare creation of mother nature.

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