Greek breakfast

Natural ingredients from local producers and homemade delicacies

Villa Paroraia, taking into account the satisfaction of the visitors and wanting to highlight the cultural-gastronomic wealth of the region, joined the program Greek Breakfast, an initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. 

Guests of Villa Paroraia guesthouse can taste the real “Greek breakfast” both in the dining room and in the garden during the summer months. The philosophy of breakfast focuses not only on the Greek origin of the recipes and products, but also on its homemade preparation by the owners.

All pastries, bread and cookies, as well as trachanas, jams and rice pudding are homemade. Fresh milk, juice and yogurt, honey and eggs are from local producers giving priority to the local producers of Tsepelovo. Cheeses and cold cuts come from Zagori region producers, known throughout Greece for the quality and authenticity of its products.

The traditional pies have a special place in the breakfast: flour pie, green pies and cheese pie, all handmade with high quality and nutritious ingredients. In addition, every day different cakes and sweets (orange pie, halva, pastries, etc.) give the necessary pleasure that a visitor needs in the end of his breakfast.

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